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More to offer.

    Family friendly meals for busy on the go families DELIVERED to your home warm and ready to eat

Monday thru Friday


5:00 - 6:00 (depending upon where you live)

Also, a great gift for a new Mom, a friend under the weather or just as a nice gesture!

Please note: We deliver to Westport & Weston for free

We will deliver to parts of  Fairfield and lower Wilton with a minimum of dinner for 4  ($54.00) with a delivery fee


​Pricing:  2 for $29.00   4 for $58.00    
Need dinner for more ? No problem....each additional meal is $14.50
**This is our basic dinner menu -see our catering menu for additional dishes**




Roasted Chicken,Roasted Potatoes,Steamed Broccoli


Rigatoni with Sausage & Broccoli Rabe ali olio w/ salad and bread

MEAT  or CHEESE or VEGETABLE Lasagna,Salad,Bread

Chicken Quesadillas,Gauc & Salsa,Black Bean Salad Or Green Salad


Beef Stroganoff,Egg Noodles,Salad


Baked Breaded Chicken,Mashed Potatoes,Grilled or Steamed Asparagus


 Tortellini  Alfredo With (or without) grilled chicken,Salad,Bread



Chicken Parmigiana,Penne Pasta,Salad,Italian Bread



Baked Rigatoni With freshly made Marinara Sauce & fresh Mozzarella (we make it )

Side of Meatballs (we make them), Salad, Bread


ChickenFrancese or Piccatta or Marsala,Roasted Rosemary  Potatoes,Asparagus


Sautéed Chicken Layered with, Spinach,Proscuitto,Provolone Cheese in a Madeira Sauce



Penne Pasta tossed w/ grilled chicken, broccoli

a little bit of cheese,Salad, Italian Bread (a Staples Football Favorite)



To order, please email or call the store: 203.227.3257

Please give us one days notice - thanks!   

All our dinners are made with the fresh ingredients.  Nothing is pre-processed.

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