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We are lucky to have such wonderful customers! 

Thank you!

"We asked  Carmine to cater a "post wedding reception" supper.  Our son was married in a daytime ceremony and celebration this past August and we wanted to keep the party going.
I was pretty disorganized , but they walked me through my needs, then took off from there.  They hired the staff and ordered the rentals, took my keys and got the party started before We came home!
the last is best.  The food was fabulous!  We had snack sandwiches, meat lasagna, veggie lasagna, perfect salad, bread, condiments and a superb fruit salad.  Everything was delicious.  Our guests were raving!
And, the staff cleared everything. (the bar stayed open).  So, no work for us.
What a pleasure and what a treasure."
Thank you Carmine!
Pat P, Westport 

“Classic Old School Italian Deli In The Heart of Upscale Westport, CT”
Let's be clear. Calise's is not a fancy eatery. In fact Calise's is not a restaurant but a Deli in the midst of upscale Westport, CT that serves sandwiches and meals for breakfast and lunch. Have a great full course spread at lunch for the cost of a typical sandwich elsewhere that you can eat at one of the four tables in the midst of it all or take with you. Buy prosciutto or cheeses from Ischia (an island next to Sicily) that is as good as it gets, and half the price you would expect. Try some of Calise's special homemade jarred tomato sauce that you want to eat with a spoon. Sandwich breads and big crusty loaves are fresh daily from Brooklyn, and the owner at the register is the nicest deli man I have ever met! It's only an easy mile off of Exit 18 on I-95 and well worth the visit to the "old country," from early morning until about 5 at night.

Ric, Westport

Amazing owners! In case you don't know Carmine, you are missing out. 

They are so sweet and the family is very smart. This started out as a small deli we would go to on our way to school and for weekends. When my brothers hockey team appointed my mom the away game lunch lady, my Italian mother refused to go to Fortuna's because nothing beats Calise's. They still go to Calise's 9 years later. 
The mozzarella is made in house and delicious. The house marinara gravy is something you can't miss! 
My brother gets bacon egg and cheeses, perfect pricing- fast- and nice guys working back there.
I like the tomato mozzarella and basil on a toasted sandwich with prosciutto. Amazing!! Go and check it out. It's a Westport pot of gold.  Jennie Rose, Westport

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